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Hey guys,

Not sure if this is something anyone would be interested in, but I have a transmission from my old 97 S10 ZR2 I'm trying to get rid of.

It's the 4L60E and has a new Valve Body installed. A new HD Rebuild kit by "Monster in a box"....and yes, you guys know I'm cheap, so I didn't pay $900 for the rebuild kit. An old friend of mine's uncle had a transmission shop that closed down so I got it for $200. Currently it does not have the transmission pan on it, so it would need one of those. When I intended to have it fixed it had 86k miles on it.

The only problem, is that when the kit was installed, everything seems to be off by 1, meaning: that Park is reverse, reverse is neutral, drive is 3rd, etc....I don't know why. I'm not even sure what that means to be honest.

I did not do the install since I'm afraid to do anything to vehicles. My dad's co-workers son who was in auto-tech school did the rebuild. The truck started up and ran and was able to shift and move. I just got tired of it, eventually that guy was fired and I decided to just pull a used transmission from a junk yard...which worked.

I know I threw out a lot of random information there, and it might be confusing or weird, but I'm just trying to be as transparent as possible. I can try to answer any questions if things don't seem right or if you need more information.

I'm just looking for a best offer. I can have it wrapped up and put on a pallet for whoever wants it. I don't want to give it away, since I do know that the rebuild kit is pretty nice, and the valve body cost me a few hundred dollars some years ago. Just let me know what your offer is and I'll help with the shipping.

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