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anyone know if they make something for a titan??

i have the flowmaster super 40 but i want more power/noise

the banks is an option too

opinions would be nice! :smileyhat
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If you want power, go with either the magnaflow catback, or JBA catback.
if you want loud sound... do a true dual super 40. You're not gonna get a performance boost, but it will sound amazing... i have my setup for sale. The pipes are already pre bent and just need to be welded on. It has dual tips that are 12" and chromed out. They exit out the passenger side behind the tire.

Check the For Sale area of titantalk and youll see some pics
I think they do a Air exhaust or maybe they did at one time....
If you want serious noise with some good power, than instead of buying another exhaust system, throw some Stillen or nismo longtube headers on. This will give you more noise for sure and a good kick in the power and torque department.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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