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RC 6" Lift help

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Quick Question, I just pulled the trigger on the RC 6" lift for my 2010 2wd CC.

But, when I was looking at installing it, Im hearing the stock wheels wont work on the truck due to the off set.

So im wondering how in the heck do I see so many Titans with the same lift on A/T tires and stock wheels.

Are you guys running wheel spacers? Or was the guy trying to juice me into buying moto metals??:serious:

Please can someone lmk asap b/c I'm going to pull it apart hopefully when I get my lift in "lawds willing later on this week"
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To late now, Im already tracking the package should be here within a day or so.

Plus i already have an appt to use the lift at the shop.

So im knee deep in, and theres no turning back :(
Good looking out ...

Will see later on this week hopefully tomorrow ? If the kit comes in.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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