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RCD traction bars

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anybody use these? was thinking about buying a set an building my own mounting hardware since i wanna run them with deavers. what do you guys think?
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I rather buy something actually made for the titan that articulates and does not sacrifice travel instead of sick bars that look like links.
For less money, I would get the PRG off-road bars...his are great and like Kartman said, they are made for the Titan.
i hear what you are saying, but i dont need travel numbers. all i use my truck for is daily street driving and the occasional blast down a backroad. ill sure they would work as good as any other traction bar out there and might as well have them look good too. in my opinion
yes i have considered the PRG bars and have talked to greg about them in the past. just looking at what else is out there. as far as the RCD bars not being made for the titan, it doesnt affect me that much. if never been scared of a little fab work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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