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Ready to spend the money "truetrac"

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I'm ready to order my Truetrac,went to to get that little deal and saw it said for 04-06 titans.I have 07 i'm thinking its all the same just dont want to order and get the wrong thing.If i order the carrier bearing is there anything else that i should order?I want to take it to a shop and have everything they need to install it with out having to waite.
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I was qouted 480, so went to Raleigh a day early and got it done for 400. :(

Great Mod though, can't look forever to save 50-100 bucks. Good experienced mechanic put it in. He was subbed from the shop I went to, may be cheaper going direct. Hint hint Kronos1965! You're due for a TT sometime. :)
No, I don't have the 07, but it is the 08 that has the new design axle. 07 is same as earlier. Let a stronger confirmation come in before spending the money. The dealer (TT seller) should have the correct info.

Funny thing happened when I got mine. The box was stamped "40" for Splines, but it was really 32 as it needed to be. Rest of box had correct part number, and said it was for "Nissan". Did not say "Titan". Whew! :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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