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Ready to spend the money "truetrac"

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I'm ready to order my Truetrac,went to to get that little deal and saw it said for 04-06 titans.I have 07 i'm thinking its all the same just dont want to order and get the wrong thing.If i order the carrier bearing is there anything else that i should order?I want to take it to a shop and have everything they need to install it with out having to waite.
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white_titan05 said:
where u goin to get it done at? cajun offroad told me 280 to install it
Dont know where to go,james said ricks rods can do it but no price.Stuck off shore with no phone signal and no one can tell me if the parts are the same for the 07 as the 04-06.I'd hate to drop that kind of money get home and have the wrong part.Maybe somebody with an 07 will ring in on this so i can order and have it on its way.
Well money is spent.I talked to kingmade and he got it from so i ordered mine from the same place.Now to look for tires lol think i'm going to need them.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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