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Rear Axel Upgrade

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Ok i live in dallas and my truck was hit my a guy that ran a red light. As a result my rear axel got bent and i am going to get a new one. My question is are there any really good axel shops around the DFW metroplex that can 1) fix my axel upgrade the gears and maybe do lockers or detroit true trac or 2) i can buy a new axel with all of that already done to it. Thanks for the info in advance.
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for so many ppl know so much there has to be someone that knows this... bump bump bump
I dont know about any place in texas, but AZ Differential who did all my work will put together everything for you and ship it out, and I don't think the whole package with shipping was that expensive. I think someone on here got 1 shipped from them too. Couldn't hurt to call em up, theres plenty of different options they can do for you. You would still need to find a shop to do the instal, but any basic axle place can do that, and a quick google search will yield hundreds of places in dallas.
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