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Rear Axle Breather Moisture

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I noticed a little dampness around the the rear axle breather. First time I'm seeing anything like this in 26,000 miles. I know the valve can be suspect, but I want to be sure if this weepage is anything to be concerned with, or just the normal operation of the valve. Level in the diff is nothing out of the ordinary.

Also, anyone tried one of these as a replacement?

It's an accordian style breather, in lieu of doing the whole vent mod with running hose up into the tail light, etc.

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Mine is damp around the breather too, quite significantly too, like 1/2-1 inch of dampness all around. I just figured it was the vent doing its job so im not sure if its normal or not. I have around 2000 mines on the axle.
That's normal, don't worry about it.
same here, had a little oil before I did the vent mod.
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