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rear axle

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Had the whole rear end replaced a year ago on my 05.Now its in the shop to get the front and rear seals replaced has anybody heard of the seals leaking again after they have had them fixed.
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Ive heard of it. Have you done the axle vent mod?
Yeah, the dealer changed both of mine under warranty, I did the vent mod (replace check valve w/ hose vent), ran it another 50K, I just replaced them DIY, yet again.
no havent done mod yet but will as soon as i get it back.when they replaced the rear end they said it was the fourth version of the rear end,stupid me i thought i wouldnt have to worry about the seals.i heard about a bolt in dana 60 to replace but cant find the sight to go to to check it out.
Currie Enterprises posted they have a D60 replacement and Arizona Differential will build a D60 with Titan tube ends, so you retain OEM brakes & wheel speed sensors
thanks for the info will check out prices.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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