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So as you see I will be doing my rear brakes very soon my question to you experts out there is that I have replaced the rear pads before with Morse Ceramic's from AutoZone, they have a lifetime warranty. I bought these for the front too, but since I have the 05 and they are not big enough for the truck, the fronts smoke all the time when I have to brake hard. I know the rear brakes only do about 20 to 25 percent of the braking so I was wondering if I should just stick with these or pay more money and get the Hawk's? They seem to work fine for the rear now its the fronts that I see and smell smoking, and will be getting slotted and cryo treated rotors which should help!
Thanks for your help and opinions!

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I would put on Hawk LTS when you put on the expensive rotors. I trashed some Powerslots by using Akebono ceramics (against the advice of the vendor), ended up with pad transfer to the rotors and the oem style judder. Hawks are very easy on rotors.

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Sweet Ride,

In my unbiased opinion. I would replace both the Front and the Rear pads with what ever brand you should decide on. I recommend Hawk LTS pads for most Light Trucks and SUV's. And they do an exceptional job. As for the 'ceramic' based compounds, I would stay as far away from them as possible for this application. If your front brakes are 'smoking' then the compound isn't correct for the weight of the vehicle, or it's probably an inferior product.
Just because you're rear brakes account for 20-25% of the total braking power, doesn't mean you should cut corners here! Even in situations where only the front rotors and pads are replaced, I always recomend that at the VERY least, that the same brand and compond pads are used and replaced in the rear.
It's inexpensive and GOOD insurance for gaining the maximum benefits from doing the work, if only fronts are being replaced. Ideally, to obtain the most out of all this work, You should replace both the front and rear pads and rotors.

Hope this helps.


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