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Rear brakes

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Any suggestions. the dealer told me my back pads are at 10% so should I replace both pads and rotors or just pads? Any suggestions on pads? By the way I have about 62000 miles on my truck

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As you will find on this forum. Many Titan owners and myself included! Have found the Hawk 'LTS' pads to be a very effective replacement pad. If you haven't replaced the rotors, take a look at them and see if they have developed a 'lip' or ridge on the out edge of the rotor. This is caused by normal wear from the pad. Also if they are starting to form small visible hairline cracks on the face of the rotor. It's a sign to replace them.
Turning or having the rotors 'resurfaced' is a temporary fix, however any issues you may be having with the above mentioned problems, will re-appear in a very short time. Therefore, I do not recommend re-surfacing as a rule.

What kind of shape do the Front Rotors and pads look like ?

Hope this helps.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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^^^^^ All very good advice.

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Bump. Anyone know.if there is a difference in front and rear ebc yellow stuff pads I cant find any yellow stuff pads that say they are for the rear brakes

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