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Rear bumper brackets/rear bumper

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Im looking for a basic rear bumper and the brackets. i have a pro4x with the intergrated bumper and want to get the brackets from a basic bumper and mount to my pro4x bumper so that i can switch to the Uhaul hitch and loose the silly integrated hitch.

so,i dont care if the bumper is dented to high hell, i really only need the internal black brackets that mount the bumper cover to the frame.

Brackets are what i need:

Im located in San Antonio, TX 78253



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I have a bumper off of a 2006 Titan that had the big tow package and the sensors in the rear, will the brackets off that bumper work?
is your bumper like the one shown above? im thinking it is because the goofy integrated hitch didnt start till sometime around 2011 or 12 i think....

if so, would you be willing to sell me the brackets from it like i circle in the pictures above. i dont need the entire bumper cover or sensors or anything.

if the hitch is integrated into the mounting framework, then no.
im thinking his early year 2006 may not be an integrated hitch.

malleusdei321 can you check to see if your bumper has the brackets like shown above in my post #1, separate from the hitch. you can see how the normal bumper brackets differ from the integrated hitch bumper picture that pale rider posted.
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I sure can, I'll be able to check tomorrow evening. I'm 99% sure it's like above as it has a separate hitch that's bolted to the frame. If it is what you're looking for, I have no problem in shipping.
sounds good. ill send you a PM with my info.

Thanks malleus....

I was lucky and found the bumper brackets for only 20 bucks locally on my local titan face book group....this guy had a dented spare old bumper.

Next I got a uhaul hitch off Craigslist for only 60....

So I'm in 80 bucks and I can swap my 2012 pro4x black bumper to the old brackets and then use the uhaul hitch...

Woo hoo....lucky score for sure...

Pic attached of the goodies...


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