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Rear bumper brackets/rear bumper

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Im looking for a basic rear bumper and the brackets. i have a pro4x with the intergrated bumper and want to get the brackets from a basic bumper and mount to my pro4x bumper so that i can switch to the Uhaul hitch and loose the silly integrated hitch.

so,i dont care if the bumper is dented to high hell, i really only need the internal black brackets that mount the bumper cover to the frame.

Brackets are what i need:

Im located in San Antonio, TX 78253



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I have a bumper off of a 2006 Titan that had the big tow package and the sensors in the rear, will the brackets off that bumper work?
I sure can, I'll be able to check tomorrow evening. I'm 99% sure it's like above as it has a separate hitch that's bolted to the frame. If it is what you're looking for, I have no problem in shipping.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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