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Rear diff... and a great dealer

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Last friday I took my 04 Titan in to have the diff and the fuel sensor replaced. Even though I have 35,000 miles and it's a few months past warrenty, (on the fuel part) Zimbrick on the east side of Madison replaced both under warranty. When I was shown the rear end that came in to replace mine, I noticed that it was a complete rear end other than pads (it did come with new shoes...), rotors, sprngs, shocks, or wheels. Other than that, the whole rear end was new just like the 2 others that were replaced earlier that week. (the old ones were on the floor next to my new one) They finished it up with an oil change in less than 6! As an added bonus, the parking brake works great now! I tested it by setting it while on a downward slope, then putting it into "drive", I had to take it up to close to 2000 rpm before the brake started to break loose! They did all the work well, and even washed my truck before I picked it up... All that and great people to work with too!!! :cheers:
Five stars all....
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