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Rear Differential filling procedure

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Does anyone have the operations manual that states the proper fill amount for the rear differentials? A pdf or something of this sort? I am hoping someone can attach it so I can take it with me this afternoon to pick up my truck. (See my other post from this morning)
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This what you are looking for?


That is it, but it is still pretty vague. Doesn't jibe with what I was told at the dealer. Oh well, I hope the $273 dollars they charged me is worth never having me consider a Nissan again!!
Did they do something else for $273? That is an awful lot of money for a few quarts of oil and 20 minutes on the lift. I don't think I would pay that for the front, rear and transfer case combined.
$ to high---call another in your area & ask for pricing as described in service invoice
damn I work at jiffy lube and we do that **** waaaay cheaper than that. Not sure of the price I work in the lower bay but can't be more than 70.00. Granted what is it 75W 140 our trucks use is pricey 273 dayum
IIRC from his other thread, the price was for an axle seal replacement not a fluid change. The dealer is telling him he overfilled the diff and caused the failure so they won't cover it.
Total bill was $285. They replaced the passenger rear diff seal, bearing and spacer, replaced the diff fluid, and repalced a lug and nut on the rear wheel that had started to strip when I was rotating the tires. They tried at first to say "you have some purple oil in there" and that is not compatible with the seals. I reminded them it was Royal Purple and about Magnesun-Moss, so they turned to over filling. I called them on this, but of course, their "repair engineer" was already gone. The service manager and this guy are supposed to call me today. I asked him if he thought it was really worth $285 to have another customer person never consider a Nissan again. He didn't seem to know how to respond to that. They put their crappy fluid in, at $17.85 a quart, so if I still have this truck, I'll have to replace that in 7,500 miles.
In case anyone cares, the gear oil they use has approximately half the dithiocarbamate and dialkyl dithio phosphate as Royal Purple or Mobil. Heck, the Supertech synthetic from Wal-Mart has more additives than the stuff they use. These two items are in oils for extreme pressure wear, and sliding wear. All gear oils use some form of these additives, whether petroleum or synthetic.
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I have never changed the oil in the differential but as I understand the information in the above pdf file, it requires one to fill the oil up to the level of the fill plug. It appears that you are instructed to insert your finger in the fill hole to verify that the oil has reached the level of the fill hole. After the oil level reaches this level, it would appear that the oil would run out of the fill hole as fast as you pour it in. I don't understand, unless I'm totally missing something, how it is possible to overfill the rear diff unless the truck was pointed downhill on a very steep incline when the diff was filled.

The axle seal replacement charge should have been covered by the drivetrain warranty up to 60K miles and should have been paid by Nissan. If, of course, your truck's mileage has exceeded 60K miles, then I can understand why you were charged for the axle seal replacement. Any replacement fluids should also have been covered by the warranty in order to effect the repair. The axle seal leakage problem is all-too-common for Titans and it is an issue that Nissan should step up to the plate and deal with as they did with the brake problem, but this rant is slightly off point for this thread.

In my opinion, you should have only been charged for the rear wheel lug and nut repair that you stripped while rotating the tires.

IMO this dealer has ripped you off and I would forcibly insist that the major part of the money be refunded.
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They put their crappy fluid in, at $17.85 a quart, so if I still have this truck, I'll have to replace that in 7,500 miles.
I hate to give you more bad new, but if that is the fluid they put in, it is the wrong fluid!! IIRC Nissan changed the fluid spec to specify Mobil 1 synthetic gear oil. It was one of the changes made when the 04's diffs were failing due to overheating from under filling during manufacture. The 04 issues brought about the fluid change and aluminum cover for 05 and up. I think my aluminum diff cover states what fluid to use as well. No way should you need to change fluid out at 7500 miles if they used the right stuff.
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