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rear drop kit

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whats the best thing to go with when droping the rear end of a titan
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Carbeaux said:
Depends on how far you want to lower it. Greg's new shackles will drop you about 3/4", but he's got replacement leaf springs that will get you down further. See his website here:
Greg is no help.......sent a few emails to him about the products listed on this link above. He finally replied back and said he doesnt offer the lowering deavers. (despite the page saying "coming soon"). He quickly advised to remove a leaf out of the rear end. I replied to his response to see if he offered any other way. NO REPLY AS OF YET. I guess if you arent lifting your Titan then he isnt much of a help. :bye:
He didnt say anythig about that. All he said was remove a leaf to lower your truck. So......I dunno. He wasnt the best to help or the friendliest guy I have had correspondance with for sure.

I dont understand.....first Stillen dropped their lowereing kit, and now this guy does too. What is going on with the market? Is there some issues that we arent knowing about? I assume the only kit out there is the McGaughey's 2-3 kit.
Just do the re-arch of stock springs thats what I did, great ride to! 2.5 inch drop!
Who does this or how is it done? I am not one to use shackles and remove leaf springs to only obtain a poor ride. I want to utilize my stock shocks and retain full towing capacity.
mgstroker95 said:
McGaughys makes a really good product. I have used their products on a few of my rides and everything was great. Always remember there are better shocks on the market than the factory shocks that will give you full tow capabilties along with a smoother ride than the factory shocks. Getting your springs re-arch is great if you have a local shop that will or can perform this function. You also need to check the difference in price between the spring re-arch (with labor) and a McGaughys kit, you might be looking at around the same price after you include the labor charges at a sping shop. Anywho I am new to this site and I thought I might throw in my two cents. You guys are great and this site is awesome. Take care and keep on truck'n
Welcome!!!! :cheers:
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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