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rear drop kit

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whats the best thing to go with when droping the rear end of a titan
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McGaughys makes a really good product. I have used their products on a few of my rides and everything was great. Always remember there are better shocks on the market than the factory shocks that will give you full tow capabilties along with a smoother ride than the factory shocks. Getting your springs re-arched is great if you have a local shop that will or can perform this function. You also need to check the difference in price between the spring re-arched (with labor) and a McGaughys kit, you might be looking at around the same price after you include the labor charges at a spring shop. Anywho I am new to this site and I thought I might throw in my two cents. You guys are great and this site is awesome. Take care and keep on truck'n
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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