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OK, since I had so much wonderful and knowledgeable help with my last problem, I am back with trouble with the rear end.
I have an '04 SE 4x4 CC, loaded, with 146K miles and there has developed a growling/whine noise from the rear end. I have read a lot here but was looking to see what to change out?
I am thinking about changing out the whole rear end - housing, axles, everything.
I read a post about someone who can build the whole thing and ship it to me to change out, but I cannot find the post now. It was an older post so maybe they are not doing it anymore.
So, anyone here know where I can get this done?
We live in a rural area far from dealers and am not really interested in having this done at a dealership anyway.
I just don't want to do all the individual parts swap myself.
We do tow our older camptrailer, read heavy, and do some off-roading so looking for the heavier rear-end I read about (Dana 60?)
Help will be greatly appreciated!
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