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rear end failures

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Hi All, Just a quick question for those who have had rearend failures or whining
What ratio is your rearend?
Mine is a 3.36
Just curious
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hoping it was just one gear ratio
update As of Jan 11, 2017
I waited for 90 days to get an answer from Nissan Canada about the rearend problem with my titan, as of Jan this is there response
"your truck is functioning as designed" so there will be no replacing the truck.
needless to say I am NOT impressed and feel abandoned by both my local dealer and Nissan Canada on this matter
I was offered an opportunity to buy a new 2017 Titan for VPP pricing but to get the same truck I would have to spend $15000 more thus the payments would be $100 per month more over the life of the loan.
their is ALOT more to the story but between the dealer and Nissan NOT doing what they said they were going to do, IE "I will call you back or I will have (insert name) call you within 48 hours only to never get a call and having to call the "personal cell number" givin only to be ignored, or waiting for a call from (insert name) at Nissan Canada and getting an email from my local dealer instead.
I am pissed and frustrated that I bought a "quality" dumptruck!
"your truck is functioning as designed" so why was I not informed that the rearend whines and it was designed that way?
I would have ran the other way very fast!
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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