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Rear End Has Toe In??

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I installed my fabtech lift myself a while ago. but when i went to go get it aligned recently they told me that my rear has a .02in toe in or something like that i cant remember. how can i fix this? i can definitely tell that my tires are wearing unevenly. any info to get the axle straight again would be appreciated.
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Only two things would cause this
Toe is the direction the front of the tires are pointing. Point to the inside of the car Toe in, point away is Toe out

1. bent axle housing

2. axle not lined up on the springs correctly. in this case on one tire would be toe in and the other would be toe out.

Take it to another shop. Real hard for non adjustable straight rear axle to be out of alignment. Then again .02 could be considered normal or with in standards.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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