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Rear Shock Seal Blown

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Well in the process of removing my N-Fab steps which you can read about HERE, I noticed that one of the el-cheapo rear shocks that came with my Pro Comp Stage 1 lift kit was leaking fluid pretty bad. This is after only about 22k since install. I havn't been running shock boots, should I be???

Looks like I'll be ordering a new set of rears from Greg on Monday along with the TC shackles.


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I don't run boots on my Jeeps ranchos and they're okay..

That sucks, I asked how the procomps were treating people when i first got my kit. Most said they were okay. After seeing this, man am I glad i was able to return the procomp rear shocks back to 4whl parts, and got bilstiens from Greg. Love my bilstiens.
The phosphoric acid, is commonly called Naval jelly and as metioned available at Home Depot..

Right the first time, would be powder coated..
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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