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Rear Shock Seal Blown

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Well in the process of removing my N-Fab steps which you can read about HERE, I noticed that one of the el-cheapo rear shocks that came with my Pro Comp Stage 1 lift kit was leaking fluid pretty bad. This is after only about 22k since install. I havn't been running shock boots, should I be???

Looks like I'll be ordering a new set of rears from Greg on Monday along with the TC shackles.


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Problem solved. Ordered Bilsteins and the TC Shackles from Greg yesterday. Hopefully they will arrive in time to install this weekend!!!

Greg told me that DR doesn't make a shock long enough for my application, but he wished they did. Regardless he said the Bilsteins are still a great shock and should last forever.

Now if I can just save up some $$$ for Radflo's on the front end!!!
bestatchess said:
Unless things have changed, the shackles come unpainted. I would clean (I used a phosphate etcher), prime & paint the shackles before installing.

Yes, that is correct. I asked Greg about that yesterday because the picture that was on his site showed them in a "raw" finish. He told me that they would need to be painted.

Where can I get this phosphate etcher stuff? I don't want to be taking these back off a year from now to repaint them, so I'd like to do it right the first time.
dakorlord said:
I thought pro comps shocks had a lifetime warranty????? iv always had the cheap pieces of crap on my full size blazer and the always just gave me another one
Not sure, will check into it, can't hurt having a set of spares on hand.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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