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Rear Shock Seal Blown

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Well in the process of removing my N-Fab steps which you can read about HERE, I noticed that one of the el-cheapo rear shocks that came with my Pro Comp Stage 1 lift kit was leaking fluid pretty bad. This is after only about 22k since install. I havn't been running shock boots, should I be???

Looks like I'll be ordering a new set of rears from Greg on Monday along with the TC shackles.


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If your in a bind I could get you my PC shocks on the cheap. Otherwise my vote is for the Radflo 2" or 2.5" if you're feeling balla :) But I can't say anything bad about the Bilsteins that Greg sells I'm on my second set (one set before lift, one after lift) and love em.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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