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Rear sonar system works backwards

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Has anyone else that has the sonar system had this problem?

I put the vehicle in reverse in an open parking lot and the alarm goes off.

I put it in reverse in my garage and it doesn't.

I put it in reverse to parallel park and I don't get any tones.

It seems as if it is working backwards (no pun intended) and only goes off when there is nothing behind me.

Thoughts? Suggestions, other than to take it in and have them look at it?
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rrumaner said:
I will have them check itout when I take it in for the door lock at the next oil change. Until then I can deal with it. I just want it to work correctly since I had to pay for the thing.

I think at the time I take it in I am going to have them install some extra switches in the blank spaces on the dash. They will be perfect for my strobes as long as they are fused properly and are always hot so I can run them without running the engine all the time. With the larger battery I should be ok running them for an hour at a time.
rrumaner - did you ever get your sonar working? I just picked up my LE Sunday and my sonar doesn't work at all. Just wondering what happened with yours.
37L1 said:
Just to state the obvious, do you have it turned on? There is a disable switch. I know, but just checking. . . . . :)
I was hoping it would have been something simple like that so I did check the off button. No luck. I'll probably have them check it out soon.
SlipperyPete said:
mtbendo, You're not the only one...mine doesn't work at all either. I've checked both the fuses and even did the diagnostic test, which I did get the buzzer but no error codes. I'm assuming something is just not plugged in but haven't taken it back to a dealer to look at it.
I checked the fuses as well and trying tracing some of the harnesses starting from the bumper but didn't get very far. I'll be taking it in one of these days. It's just all these horror stories about dealer induced scratches is really making me paranoid, especially after seeing how tight my dealers service bays are...

The strange thing is I can hear a very faint buzz when the truck is in reverse and the door is open but I'm sure it's probably something else.
awgriffey said:
Just got mine Monday, and when we tested it at the lot, the sales guy almost had me back it through the window of the show room. Turned it off, restarted the car, nothing. I'm taking it in to get fixed on Wed.
Oh great, this is not confidence building. I hope they are all for the same problem. If either of you guys get yours fixed I'd like to know what they found. Since I got rear-ended Sunday I won't be able to take mine in for a while since I need to get the body work done first (maybe I should have taken it in last week when I originally planned and I wouldn't have gotten hit!!!). I just hope the dealer doesn't tell me that it's not their fault and that it was a result of the accident. If it's a simple fix (unhooked connector?) I'll do it myself.
SlipperyPete said:
mtbendo, sorry to read your other post about getting hit...some people just shouldn't have a license. But on the bright side, you could always take your truck back to the dealer and have some fun. Walk in, ask to talk to the sales manger, have him look at your truck. When he sees the damage, say "I thought this F'ing thing was supposed to have a rear sonar system, I went to back up the other day, checked behind me and couldn't see the other car over the tailgate. Well assuming this POS sonar was working, I backed up and now look at my brand new truck!!!" Throw an old set of keys across the room and ask what he's going to do about it...Then as he's giving you that, oh sh!t look, tell him you're just F'ing with him but the sonar never did work and you want it fixed once the bummer is replaced. Ask him to throw in some Titan shirt or something for brighting his day :teethmast
Ha! Didn't think about that one! My service manager is Mr. Comedian as it is.
SlipperyPete said:
awgriffey, any idea where the connection was that they plugged in?
I'd like to know too. Was it at the beeper (wherever that is...)?
I know mine was disconnected and reconnected when my bumper was replaced but it didn't help. The truck is at the dealer today and I mentioned a disconnected plug in our trucks so we'll see what they find out.
That's interesting. I'm sure my body shop reused the same hardware unless it came with the bumper. Oh great, my sensor are going to be falling out...
Well, got my truck back yesterday and the sonar works but they were so busy that I didn't get an answer on what they actually fixed. In fact the service manager was in such a rush that he asked if he could mail the service invoice to me at home instead me waiting for him.
Gator said:
I've had my Titan 17 days now and last week noticed the rear sonar doesn't work. I didn't even test it when I bought it. Took truck to dealership this morning. They initially tried to blame it on my XM Roady install. I argued "how can an audio device plugged into the AUX and 12V power jack screw up the RSS? If that's the case, keep the truck and refund my money." They agreed and commenced to tracing wires. Now I'm driving a loaner Sentra.

I met w/ the Sales Manager who sold me the truck and told him I want a Titan/Armada loaner if my truck isn't fixed within 48 hours. If it's over a week, I want a new LE equipped like mine. He says they don't have a problem doing the loaner, b/c they know they can fix my truck and make me happy. We'll see...
If they can't find it have them call Brent at Torrance (Power) Nissan.
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