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Rear sonar system works backwards

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Has anyone else that has the sonar system had this problem?

I put the vehicle in reverse in an open parking lot and the alarm goes off.

I put it in reverse in my garage and it doesn't.

I put it in reverse to parallel park and I don't get any tones.

It seems as if it is working backwards (no pun intended) and only goes off when there is nothing behind me.

Thoughts? Suggestions, other than to take it in and have them look at it?
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I will have them check itout when I take it in for the door lock at the next oil change. Until then I can deal with it. I just want it to work correctly since I had to pay for the thing.

I think at the time I take it in I am going to have them install some extra switches in the blank spaces on the dash. They will be perfect for my strobes as long as they are fused properly and are always hot so I can run them without running the engine all the time. With the larger battery I should be ok running them for an hour at a time.
mtbendo said:
rrumaner - did you ever get your sonar working? I just picked up my LE Sunday and my sonar doesn't work at all. Just wondering what happened with yours.
It seems to work randomly. Sometimes I will back out of the garage and I will get a steady tone. Other times I won't get any tones at all. I am going to have the dealer look at it the next time it goes in for service.

I did notice that is usually takes longer to start working than it does for me to back up.
Well, I finally got into the dealer and had them look at my rear sonar. They are going to order a complete set of new sensors. I will let you know if it fixes the problem.
So far the sonar parts are at the dealer. What they don't have yet are the clips that "they need to install them with" and they can't reuse the existing ones.

Once the clips are in, I am going to have the replace the entire system and see how that works.
1 - 5 of 29 Posts
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