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Rear sonar system works backwards

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Has anyone else that has the sonar system had this problem?

I put the vehicle in reverse in an open parking lot and the alarm goes off.

I put it in reverse in my garage and it doesn't.

I put it in reverse to parallel park and I don't get any tones.

It seems as if it is working backwards (no pun intended) and only goes off when there is nothing behind me.

Thoughts? Suggestions, other than to take it in and have them look at it?
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Mine really works the way it's desiigned to work. It lets me know when I'm close to the curb/obstacle or if another vehicle passes behind me when I'm backing out at a parking lot.

The only time it doesn't do what it's supposed to is when I have the tailgate down. Then it gives a solid tone and I have to turn it off.

Take it to the dealer and have them inspect it.
mtbendo said:
rrumaner - did you ever get your sonar working? I just picked up my LE Sunday and my sonar doesn't work at all. Just wondering what happened with yours.
Just to state the obvious, do you have it turned on? There is a disable switch. I know, but just checking. . . . . :)
SlipperyPete said:
awgriffey, any idea where the connection was that they plugged in?
The sonar harness connector is located just inside the rear left (driver side) bumper area near the bumper/frame mounting bracket. You can find it by simply following the sonar sensor harness back to the connector. Disconnect and reconnect and see if that was the problem.

mtbendo said:
That's interesting. I'm sure my body shop reused the same hardware unless it came with the bumper. Oh great, my sensor are going to be falling out...
The clips and sensors do not come with the new bumper assembly.

The clips don't get damaged unless you gorilla them out. if you are careful it is easy to remove them and reuse them, without having to use tools. I did it on mine and they work just like new and I'm not a mechanic. I know they won't fall out and neither will yours. :coolsmile

1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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