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Rear sonar system works backwards

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Has anyone else that has the sonar system had this problem?

I put the vehicle in reverse in an open parking lot and the alarm goes off.

I put it in reverse in my garage and it doesn't.

I put it in reverse to parallel park and I don't get any tones.

It seems as if it is working backwards (no pun intended) and only goes off when there is nothing behind me.

Thoughts? Suggestions, other than to take it in and have them look at it?
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Also not working!

SlipperyPete said:
mtbendo, You're not the only one...mine doesn't work at all either. I've checked both the fuses and even did the diagnostic test, which I did get the buzzer but no error codes. I'm assuming something is just not plugged in but haven't taken it back to a dealer to look at it.
Just got mine Monday, and when we tested it at the lot, the sales guy almost had me back it through the window of the show room. Turned it off, restarted the car, nothing. I'm taking it in to get fixed on Wed.
It's fixed!

mtbendo said:
Oh great, this is not confidence building. I hope they are all for the same problem. If either of you guys get yours fixed I'd like to know what they found. Since I got rear-ended Sunday I won't be able to take mine in for a while since I need to get the body work done first (maybe I should have taken it in last week when I originally planned and I wouldn't have gotten hit!!!). I just hope the dealer doesn't tell me that it's not their fault and that it was a result of the accident. If it's a simple fix (unhooked connector?) I'll do it myself.
All they had to do with mine was plug it in! It works fine now. :cheers: :cheers:
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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