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Rear suspension question???

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So guys and gals I need some help. I am getting ready to redo my rear susp. Currently running a pro comp 3" block. I am wanting to ditch the 3" and go with Deaver c30 approx. 3.5" of lift. Also add 1" block for a total of 4.5" of lift with prg variable height shackles 0, .5, 1.0 of drop. An I still can't find where to buy the bilstein 5160 with the 14mm eyelets that we need for Titan. I am worried the c30 will not give a full 3.5" of lift. Does this all look sound to anyone.
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hopefully with my experience it'll shed a little bit of light and maybe help you with your situation. with my Maxtrac lift along with the Radflo's i'm getting around 8-9" of lift. with that i knew the rear was gonna sit much lower since the Maxtrac kit only comes with a 4" block. i wanted the truck to sit level so i opted to get the PRG Deaver C-30's and Mike from TAP who now works for ORW ordered the Bilstein 5125's (6"+) which he also added the Energy Suspension bushings that fit the Titans. well, it gave me too much lift and i ended up ordering Crown shackles to lower the rear a couple of inches. she now sits level. i think every truck responds differently so i think in your situation start with the PRG Deaver C-30's without the block and see how it sits. if it sits low than add the correct size rear block accordingly. hope that helps! reach out to Mike from ORW (SITE SPONSOR) regarding the Bilsteins

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The Maxtrac comes with their Carrier bracket support. What's your current setup?
yeah Mike's cool! i ordered most of my parts from him. that'll be a nice setup you got there for the rear
Sweet! are you 4wd? i think i need to order that drive shaft spacer. i think i recalled somone said i don't need it but i think i do?
Custom CJD Racing 60" Traction Bars. hey, did they recommend you using the PRG drive shaft spacer? i'm wondering if i need to do mine?

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