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Rear suspension upgrade!!!

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First I would like to thank everyone on TT that has helped me along this project. The information on the forum is great. With that said, I started off with 3" rear blocks which were replaced with a deaver C-30 mini pack from PRG, netted 3" of lift. Also installed 1" blocks for a total of 4"s of rear lift.
I ditched the pro-comp rear shocks that came with the lift and installed a very nice set of bilstein 7100 remote resi from ORW 12" travel with 255/70 valving. Added adj height rear shackles and a drive shaft spacer.
35's at 32psi the truck rides so much nicer now. Ride is subjective to driver but dang this thing is smooth. I haven't had any weight on the truck so I am not sure how much rear sag it is going to have. Could just be my imagination but the power transfer to the ground is so much better now (less axle wrap, better drive shaft engagement) thanks again to everyone!! Enjoy the ride!!


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