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Rear Transfer Case Leak

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'06 4x4 65k miles 7in CST, T-bars.

Had my radiator go the other day so I take it in to confirm that it was the radiator and not the hosing. After that they say I need a new belt and my T-case is leaking from the rear output yoke seal/dust boot cover. So they replace those 2 and I tell 'em I'll do the radiator myself, which I just installed the CSF 3328 aluminum.

But haven't really drove the truck since they did the T-case seal work cause I limped home from the dealer with a bum radiator. So today I get the radiator installed and take it for a spin only to hear what sounds like a clicking/rapping noise almost like when a transmission mount is broke except I have traction bars and the thud wasn't there.

So I get home and check it out thinking I f'd up the radiator install but instead I see my T-case bleeding out.

Background: I neglected a bad transmission mount in the past and ended up needing a new yoke but went with an entire used driveshaft. I figured I messed up the seal too when I neglected the mount so I had the tech replace it thinking all will be fine only to have more problems than before.

I've heard when the T-case is low on fluid it will make a rattling/grinding/clanking noise even in 2wd so I'm hoping thats not the case.

I've read some people have luck with PRG's shaft spacer. Might look into that. Thoughts.

Couple pics of my doused T-case

Thanks in advance,
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Update: Dealer is replacing the transfer case. They are crediting my $180 transfer case seal I had done and I have to pay $80 and they are gonna take care of the rest...And I get a loaner!!!!

Unless they really fkd something up that they didn't want to tell me about they accredited this good fortune to a full service flush of all fluids not too long ago (properly maintained T-case) and the fact that I had it in a few months ago for an unknown/undiagnosed issue which they said they shouldn't have missed.

Either way, I just found out I'm getting $2500 back in taxes, a $2500 part for practically free and I just had a great interview with a local fire department and it was just my time to buy a lotto ticket!!
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