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Rear Wheel Bearing + ABS + VDC

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I have a 2011 Titan SV LWB.
I had the rear wheel bearing on the driver side wear out. The dash lit up with ABS, VDC, and "slip" lights, same as had happened before when I lost a front wheel bearing. With the front it's a little easier as you just replace the full wheel hub assembly, bearing and sensor included. Rear wheel bearing is a little more labour to fix.
I was in the middle of nowhere, about 250km away from home so I ended up with no other choice than to drive slow and just drive home.
When I pulled the rear axle out, the bearing was gone into a thousand pieces. The axle was damaged a little which I had repaired at a machine shop. The brakes where also pretty ruined from the heat of driving on the old bearing. I had to replace the rotor, pads, and caliper. I replaced the bearing, axle seal, and bearing spacer with new parts, all went well.
After putting everything back together all works fine, the truck drives well. But the warning lights are still on the dash for ABS, VDC, and "slip." With these errors, I have no traction control and the truck will not shift into 4WD.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue is or how to get the ABS and traction control systems to start functioning properly again?
I'm thinking that maybe the sensor got cooked with the heat from driving on the old bearing for such a distance.
Any input appreciated.
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Pull the codes. You'll need a reader which can read ABS codes, but get a list of what the truck says is wrong. Could be sensor, wiring, all sorts of stuff.
If the ABS light is on, yes, you probably have ABS codes. Pay the $40 diagnostic fee at a shop if you have to.
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