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Rear window issues

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2013 Pro4x....Hey guys had a issue with my rear passenger side window going down and not coming up from the door switch. Worked just fine up and down from the drivers master switch. I then had to investigate.....I removed the door panel to examine the crime scene. Everything visually looked good, next I put in a call to my local Nissan dealership (Jackie Cooper NissanTulsa) those guys are guy informed me that he was sure the switch was bad, which was kinda my assumption, knowing that the motor was working fine. Bought the switch for 28 bucks plugged it up Boom worked flawlessly.
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I have a similar problem. My driver rear window will not go down if i push the button on the front door, but if i reach back and push the button on the rear door, it goes down just fine. But then the window will go up with the button on the front door. Weird.
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