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Rear Window Leak?

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Heya, guys. Ok, so I did search a bunch of the threads regarding the rear window leak that yields wet/damp carpet under the passenger side in the cab. My 2006 SE CC is leveled (Thanks Greg @ PRG), so I am getting water under the carpet only in the rear---hasn't made it to the front, yet. As info., I bought my T used about 2 months ago, with 46,000 on it, and just hit 50,000 miles today. The dealer has an outside guy ("The Water Doctor") handle their leak issues. He could not seam to find the problem, though I told him where to look as a likely spot. Thus, the dealer cannot pin down the leak, but they are thinking about replacing the rear window due to the seal. I didn't see the absolute CURE in any of the threads, and am thinking that maybe I missed it. So, I need to ask---is this the correct basic cure? (This dealership usually deals with Kia's, so I definitely want to point these folks in the right direction. Their Nissan division is telling me the usual BS of, "Never seen one of these in here for this problem". Ya right...have you been here for more than a month?)

Any help is appreciated...
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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