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Rear Window Leak

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I recently noticed that my Slidng Read Window on my '04 LE leaks, on the passenger side. When I took it to the dealership, they said there was a Service Bulletin put out on that but they were going to charge me for the repair. Apparently, according to them, a "service bulletin" is not a "recall", meaning they wil not fix it for free. Does this sound right and has anyone else experienced this?
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I have the same thing. Driver side corner on an '05 CC SE with 20k on the odometer:computern . Small drip at top. Has anyone had that ridiculous TSB done? Did it work? If it did, I guess it's better than water inside my truck!
WOW, that's great to hear!! I hope I have the same type of service because I do not want holes drilled in anything, under any circumstances. That TSB repair is a bullsh*t band-aid repair if you ask me. If you read it, the holes are to let the water out that got in. Here's a f*uckin' idea: let's stop the water from coming in the window in the first place! I should be a Nissan Certified Window Leak Repair Engineer. Come to think of it, I'll go from dealer to dealer until I find one who will replace the window instead!
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