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as most of u know I blew my engine last yr and I wanted to let everyone know where it's at now.

So I had the engine built by ma nothing major just a stock rebuild with forged internals, new valves and 11:1 compression, c8 cams.
got the engine around July and out it in the truck, started it broke it in and ran it for a bit, he made some tune changes but nothing was really changing in uprev so after some tinkering I figured out the ecu was locked up, hard reset and unlocked it, now the changes in uprev were accepted and truck was running and idling, I moved to va so I couldn't go everyday to mess with it but they kept me updated. 3weeks ago it was running and driving after an uprev software update on wed, driving around parking lot so the plan was to tune it that Friday, go to tune it on Friday and it went back to what it was doing before, wouldn't idle or run accept changes, so last Tuesday I got a new ecu to them and waiting to hear if it worked and if it will be ready for the weekend if not I'm trailering it back to va and me and randy are gonna finish it. Here's some pics of it while being built


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