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Recommend Parts for Axle rebuild

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As the title states, I can get a dealer discount so its $110 for one side but that includes the cage because my guy there said the techs always replace those too which I am not sure I need to. But I saw on another website I think it was a federal mogul kit for like 40 bucks a side! But then I have always liked Timken better.

In opinions or suggestions??
Thank you
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Timken bearings are widely considered the best there is. Buy the parts online from Courtesy parts or nissanpartszone, lots cheaper than your dealer.

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Timken Set 10 cost me $28 per side. Axle seal = $22 per side for Nissan or $7 for NATIONAL Part # 100712V

Parking brake Shoes $40 does both sides, springs & clips for another $15. IMHO you don't need the cage unless you are careless in cutting the bearing off and hack the cage.
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