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Recommendation...Air Bags???

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My husband has been working real hard this month and he really wants air bags for his 04 Titan, so I thought I would suprise him. He wants them to help out while pulling our travel trailer.

What kind of airbags do you recommend?
What price range are they?
Where do you recommend purchasing them?
Can we install them ourselves? (my family is pretty savy with working on anything that has wheels!)

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Firestone airbags is what I used, They are called ride rite. Mine are set up so I have a guage and switch in my cab and a motor under my hood so I can fill them on the fly. here are two pics of them. We installed at the house in a few hours. If the truck is lifted you will need spacers for them. I think you can talk to PRG Greg and get them from him, I think. Also the other pick is because I hate Barry


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Can't speak from experience, but some people on here have said that the Roadmaster Active Suspension works just as good as airbags. I tow a 27' TT and this is what I plan on getting as soon as I get some funds. If interested you can go to and do some research.
Thanks for your help. I think I need a quick airbag lesson! Now, are there different sizes for different weights you are pulling or do the sizes differ for the different vehicles? Our titan is not lifted, it is stock.

He already has gauges and airlines that my dad is giving him. Now, are the gauges and airlines pretty universal? I want to make sure they work with the bags, so if not I can order them too.

Thanks again!
Well if you already have the controller and gauges go with the ones that are available from site sponsor PRG. He will be able to help out with any questions you have and get them to you in a timely manner.

I have the Roadmaster Active Suspension and love it so far, though I haven't done a distance tow yet with the Travel Trailer because I just got a new rear-end in my truck and I am waiting on getting the trutrack installed. Once that is done I will be taking the toy hauler and quads out for Labor Day for sure. The nice thing is they stiffen the springs but not the rid and help with cornering and stopping also. for more info.
You know, I wish I could get my wife to order stuff for my truck for me. :lol: I'm sure your husband knows exactly how lucky he is.

As for the gauges and lines, they should work on most of the bags out there. The Firestone Ride Rite bags seem to be the preferred choice amongst the towing crowd around here.
Thanks for your help. I ordered the firestone bags from Custom Trucks here near my house. They are $250 and should have them tomorrow. I know he is going to be happy....but what is the next thing I should get him? His truck is stock. What is the best bang for the buck?
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