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Recommendation for GPS/DVD/CD unit?

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Im possibly looking for a unit that can do the GPS and play CD's and DVD's in dash. Im not looking for anything too fancy but I dont want it to break after having it for a week either. I have an 07 crew cab XE with the regular double din cd player.

I was thinking about just getting the portable units and mounting it on the truck, but I figured I might as well spend a few more bucks and get one that plays DVD's too. Im not a huge sound person, so I dont need anything too crazy. And as weird as it probably sounds, I really dont mind the sound quality that comes out of my stock unit as it is now. Haha.

I also take the truck onto dirt and washboard roads quite often, so I need it to be pretty durable. Not sure if the ones that flip out are going to be heavy duty enough.... But maybe they are?

Any suggestions, links, prices, and reasons would be great.
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There have been a few threads on this topic latley that can give you some good advice. I just put in the Pioneer AVIC Z2 but it sounds like it may be a little more expensive than what you are looking for. The Kenwood would be my next choice if you have to have an internal hard drive.

One piece of advice. What ever you put in make sure to get the OEM factory Bezel. I purchased the metra bezel for my application a week ago and hate it. It scraches easy and does not fit flush on all sides. The material also is more thin than the factory piece. Best Kits also has a Bezel that will fit but I haven't heard much of these.

Good luck.
WhiteBoy said:
Kenwood DNX7100 period

Absolutely no problems. Does everything I wanted it to do and has more upgrades available. It kicks the Avic's *** and is less expensive. Navigation is already pre-loaded but updates can be done through USB.

As far as the bezel goes. I've had no problems with mine and I know its not OEM. Not sure who makes it though.
If you figure out the name of your bezel is shoot me a PM. I am going to replace the one I have within the next couple of weeks.
cohee3 said:
The Kenwood does not use an internal hard drive. It is flash memory, thus it may be more durable for off-road purposes.

Just check and you are right. It is flash memory that uses the Nav.
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