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Recovery Straps

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How do you use them properly? I can't picture it in my head.....
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I use a 30 ft 3" wide strap rated for 30,000 lbs.
I like to hook up the "snatch" veh with it's hitch, I slide one of the loops inside the reciever and put the hitch pin back in thru the loop, and if possible do the same for the "victim" veh.

The hitch is pretty strong so if you can pull out a truck backwards(the victim, not yours) you can pull real hard.
Here's the deal....You back up to get about 25% of the straps length in slack distance and HIT IT!...

Try a few easy tugs at first to get an idea how stuck he really is, then work your way up in slack and speed...
You don't want to attach the strap to his bumper, unless you want it in the back of your truck, and stay away from wrapping it around the spring hangers also...If you have to pull from his front use the factory hooks...the same ones you should have on your truck already.

P.S. do everything to keep from snatching somebody in reverse...not good for your rear always pull foreward with your truck...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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