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Rejex --try it

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First off I want to say i'm not affilliated at all with this product ...i get nothing from writing the post but i wanted to share my personal experience with it.

I'm an above average auto detailer. i own all my own equipment, makita 7" polisher, Cylco Dual head orbital waxer, and $100's and 100's of dollars in cleaning products from not affiliated with them either) i detailed cars for awhile for a living.

Rejex is amazing. i first saw it advertised in teh corvette forums, thought it was a little pricey at the time but i gave it a shot. Clay bared my car down and Rejexed my car, Kept it in the garage over night and i was just blown away by the results.

The shine was amazing and so what was protection from the elements. I drove my vette the next day to work, it ended up raining on the way home and stopped raining just before i pulled onto my street. i got out of my car and my car was literally bone dry..the rain just fell off

Try it out, i'm not going to link the website but it's not hard to find.