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Hey Guy's,
I just got back from the Relentless RPM Dyno Day "Titan Up" Meet! First of all i'd like to thank's all the guy's @ Harbor Nissan for their great hospitality! They went above & beyond my expectation's & really gave us a warm welcome! Secondly, i would like to thank all the other Titan/Armada owner's who came out to represent the VK56 Community! You guy's are great, i had a blast! The meet went off w/o a hitch, they served us up some free food on the grille & free drink's. As well as a really cool "Titan Up" shirt & gift bag w/ an assortment of sticker's, cup's, hat's...etc. These guy's pulled out all the stop's & offered everyone who showed up 3 free pull's on their Dynomite AWD Dyno w/ printout's. They also held a Dyno Contest to see you had the most HP/TQ & a Best in Show Contest to see who had the nicest looking Titan/Armada. They even handed out some really nice trophies to the winner's & runner-up's! We had fun watching the big flat screen monitor they had hooked up to the dyno! We had even more fun watching their STS Turbo Titan lay waste to the dyno! That truck sound's amazing!!!

I took about 95 picture's!
Here's the link:

I took 2nd. Place in the Dyno Competition! My '05 KC Titan put down 279HP/379TQ today. Funny thing is that my truck was in 91map. I was switching map's the other day while i was driving around & completely forgot about it till on my drive home today. DUH! ...oh well, no biggie. The 1st. Place trophy went to 007Titan & his '07 KC Titan w/ 302HP/397TQ! Congrat's bro!!! That goes to show you what VVT actually does for the VK56! He has all the same mod's i do CAI, Header's, Bank's & Up/Rev. Only thing different is the brand of intake & header's, my 2.25" Y to his 3" Y & VVT. I'm going to be scratching my head wondering what my truck would have put down if i would have had it in 93map? I know it wouldn't have beaten his #'s, but it would have been a little higher i believe. (more timing & leaner AFR). I would say having VVT add's 20HP/20TQ w/ an Up/Rev Tune! I will post my dyno graph so it can be used in comparison to his, when he post's it. I looked at them side to side & the TQ curse is way different.

I think that's enough typing... LOL
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