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Remote Start ca4051 help wiring

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04 Nissan Titan help wiring a ca 4051 remote start system.
I have the immobilizor bypass as well and as far as the pinout on the remote start system goes this is what I have, and what I need are the matching wires on the truck
-blue Unlock (-)

-lt green/black Factory disarm / pulse before start (-)
-lt blue Pulse after start (-)
-green/white Factory arm / pulse after shut down (-)
-black/yellow Pulse during crank

-black Ground
-white/red Parking light input
-white Parking light output

-blue/black Ignition 3/ active output (-)
-purple/white Tach input
-gray Hood input (-)
-brown/red Break input (+)

-dbi port?? Empty port


-purple Starter output - motor side (+)|(unsure what this means)
-red Battery 12v (+)
-orange Accessory 1 (+)
-pink/white Ignition 2 (+)
-red Battery 12v (+)
-pink Ignition 1 (+)

That's the diagram on the back of the instruction manual, if y'all could help with the other ends I'd appreciate it! Also could you list urls or pictures for credibility, last thing I wanna do is lock my engine!!
Thanks in advance for all your help!!
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I used this writeup to install my bulldog remote start. "remote start install". It may not match the colors of your remote start wiring but the install should be very similar. Hope that helps some.

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good deal, thank you guys soooo much!! between those two threads hopefully i can get this thing up and running by tomorrow morning!!! and words of advice other than "dont F*** up"??

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The only other thing I can remember is don't scratch the plastic housing on your instrument panel when pulling it out. There is an little metal bracket that i'm positive Nissan purposely put on the steering column just for this purpose.
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