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Remove sunroof switch bezel - How?

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How do you get this thing to come off? I am planning to install a set of LED strobes above my mirror and another pair in the rear window and would love to install the switches in there.

I can put a knife blade under the corner of the bezel but am afraid to do much more without someone telling me that they did it and it is possible. I also need to know how much room is actually in there for wiring.

Can I run wires from the rear of the cab under the headliner on the roof with the airbags? Will they interfere with their operation? I cannot think of a better place to run the wires.

For those that are curious, I am involved in Emergency Management and will be installing Blue/White LED strobes in each of these places. I also plan to have a pair of blue LEDs in the grill and white strobes in the front headlights.

Also, does anyone have any good suggestions as to where the best wires to splice into are?
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