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removing oem headlight fixture

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i am currently removing my headlights - anyone got some tips 08 KC titan. 5733790292 - posted @5:23PM AK Time
So - I removed my OEM headlights and put on my projector Halos - I love them! HOWEVER I broke the plastic piece on the bottom of grille - and I'm looking for a new grille mold to completely lay under my grille. Know what I'm talking about? The whole black piece. Anyone got a part number on this? Price range? Any tips on how to get the grille back on easier? Currently using black zip ties!
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I broke my grille molding installing a custom billet grille. I found one for under $40 at here but I don't see it there now. I thought it seemed really cheap maybe it was too cheap. I don't remember exactly how much but the dealer wanted 4x as much.
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