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Replace Factory GPS, DVD, and RF Unit

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So I have a 2007 LE CrewCab with the factory navigation, rear dvd, and rockford fosgate unit.

I HATE the factory nav, and having the dvd player in my center console.

I would like to replace the factory equipment with an aftermarket unit with nav and dvd to communicate with my rear screen, and also add a camera.

The problem that I've found is that the factory screen displays the environmental information (air conditioning modes, temp, etc.) and also the settings, maintenance...etc.

I know that idata link Maestro compatible units will do this, but Maestro is not offered for the 2007 Titan.

Has anyone had any success in changing out your unit, and keeping your controls, or ability to see what you are setting your heat on?


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I've always wondered about this for my 08' LE. Mainly because I wanted a separate multimedia screen for my music via Bluetooth but it doesn't look like the controls can moved around for a additional multimedia screen unless someone makes a kit. Seems like I'm stuck with the factory radio/cd player.... unless there is a way that I haven't come across.
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