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replaced front pinion seal, found 2 more leaks

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I replaced my front differential pinion seal today and noticed some ATF on the black plastic unit on the back of the transfer case. It seems to be coming from where the unit has a rod or something in it actuating the 4 wheel drive. Has anybody replaced this seal, or is it just an o-ring?

Leak number 2 is very strange. I noticed above the front u-joint for the rear drive shaft had ATF on the floorboard. The funny thing is the seal on the transmission tailshaft is dry as can be. It looks like it is coming from the yoke itself. I think the yoke has a plug in the end of the splined area. Is it posable for the ATF to get between the splined shaft from the transmission and yoke. When either the truck is loaded down, or a bump is hit the compression of ATF is making it blow out the back of the yoke?

I recently installed air bags and the back has had some more movement as the bags have been inflated,deflated and pulled my camper around both with and without the bags.

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Ok, I am going to silicone the yoke this time and weld/braze it next time.

Now for the black plastic unit on the back of the transfercase. How is the portion that goes into the transfercase sealed?
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