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replacement shocks for front of 8" CST kit?

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i came up on a used CST 8" kit and my only problem right now is that the front shocks/strut that come with it are blown. The only replacement I can find is the fox coilover, is that right? Im thinkin I can just replace the shock itself since the kit has a spacer, does that sound right? if so, what shock?
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Your factory shocks will work with that kit. Or you cna choose from a variety of different coilovers. We currently sell Sway-a-Way, Radflo, and Fox as a direct replacement for all the drop bracket lifts.
Make him keep his stock shocks. you keep yours. I dont recomend the Bilsteins with any bracket lift. Ill post pics of why not later today.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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