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Replacment Air Filter

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Time to replace the filter on my Nismo CAI. Weapon-R filters caught my eye and looking into them a bit I've notice they've had a bad rap in the past. And cost a little much, but the tech looks interesting.

Any of you guys running their filters?

Anything else you would recommend other than K&

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aFe filters compete with k&n, not sure about the filter you mentioned
u can get an air raid filter and put it on it, not sure how nismo is set up but air raid has a velocity stack on it, I'm sure u could make it fit and it's the best flowing filter there is for 100 shipped
Nismo pipe is is 3.25"

You got a link to that Air raid filter?
Why not use a nismo replacement filter? They make replacement filters for their cai.
durzoblint, I believe this is AIRAID filter mentioned above AIRAID® - Nissan Titan 2012 Air Filter It's a great choice. It allows increased airflow and provides better air filtration than the factory air filter, which results in improved performance and engine protection.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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