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Repost- Volant Powercore = do not buy

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This is a repost from another site. The information is important to every Titan owner concidering this upgrade. The writer stated he had no problems with the sharing of this information.

Well, I have been holding off on doing this waiting to hear a response from
Volant. I have left a voicemail with them and sent two emails with pictures. I know that Bill got on here and said that they were going to have a meeting and I was very excited that they were so willing to jump right on things. But I still have not received any kind of response, so here is the truth.

My initial thoughts and concerns before driving?

Other than the AWESOME looks of the intake, I don’t like it at all!!!!! Here are the reasons why.

1) Adjustability is limited due to only the front bolt and middle bolt being utilized.
2) Bad fitment (Mine is sitting up against the windshield washer reservoir)
3) The hoses are WAY too long. If I was going to keep this, I would definitely cut those hoses so I could put them back into the brackets that are made to hold them.
4) The inside of the intake tube was filthy and had large pieces of leftover plastic inside it.
5) Self tapping screws for the MAF sensor! How cheap That can EASILY be stripped out the second or third time you remove the screws. How often should the screws come out you ask? Well, they have to come out and go back in the first day. Hope it doesn’t have to do it again. But also, someone could just not think all the way through this one and they could EASILY put this in upside down and then there would be two extra holes in the tube rendering it useless and the truck throwing P1273 and P1283 lean condition codes!
6) This is bad. A piece of plastic has melted to my throttle body plate and there is only one place that this could have come from, the inside of the intake. I have pictures available for any to see.

How loud was it?

Noticeably louder than my current CAI. Yet, not as loud as the 1st -3rd Generation Volant’s. So it was not annoying and it sounded like stock when under normal acceleration, WOT growled pretty good, but I could not tell if it was vibration (from touching the reservoir) or the intake itself. But for those that are worried about an intake being too loud, I don't think you have a worry here.

How does it perform?

Well, I have a witness, that was with me...jestep. We did FX2 testing today and the 0-60 was not as good as the runs with the Stillen box. The 1/8 mile times did close the gap a little but still the Stillen unit out performed the Volant.

Right on the box it says “22 horsepower gain”. First of all, I have dyno’ed every intake available for this truck and I have never seen anything higher than a 13 hp gain so I was real anxious to see the results. Since this one is slower than the one that produced that 13 hp gain, I will stand behind this statement…there is NO WAY that there is a 22 hp gain. At least when comparing peak number to peak number.

Now then for the positive, I know for fact that there is a gain over stock because the 0-60 and 1/8 mile times are lower than that of the stock box with my same set up.

Overall thoughts and recommendations:

As of right now if I had to do it over again, there is NO WAY I would buy this and put it on my truck. The Generation 3 Volant is better than this one. I would however be interested in looking at the improved version of this, but when is that going to take place