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REQ resale

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Bought a REQ from 12 volts during the group buy and have decided to focus on lifitng my Titan PRG style. The REQ is in the orignal box and unused. Selling it shipped to your door for $80.00. Heres the link. Will take paypal.
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That is about right. The day after I buy Christmas. Good luck for a great price and product.

How is $80 going to offset the cost of a lift? :huh: Greg musta made you ONE SWEET DEAL!!! :lol:

Hey, every little bit helps, I guess!
80 HERE 100 there It all adds up, Plus I'm selling some of my alaskan fire power. 4INCH Performance lift here I come. I was going to do a system but Now I'm going to focus on a lift. Still for sale.
Christmas is over. buy it. buy it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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